Sunday, December 28, 2008

Langkawi Trip

I went to Langkawi Island during the Christmas holiday, here are some of the photos (Click to view full size). Please comment :).

This is the HDR using 2 different exposure photos.

These are the pseudo-hdr using only one raw photos, you can see some noise in the darker area.

These are panning photos that I'm still learning to take :).

These are some of nice and clear photos.

This is the effect after I change the color temperature, nice? :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding Photos

First of all, I would like to thank JW for the Canon 580EX II Speedlite and the 50mm prime lens. Below are some of the pictures I took during my girlfriend sister wedding. Please leave comments. Thanks.

These are pictures taken using 580EX II

These are pictures taken using 50mm prime lens.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still remember this?

Found this picture, it really bring back memories, my favorite show last time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My first HDR and Silhouette photo

Here is my first HDR and Silhouette photo. Kind of noob... still learning :)

This is my first HDR of sunrise with the cloud taken in -2 exposure and the rocks in +2 exposure.

This is my first silhouette with Jeremy as my model, hahaha... :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I got a new toy, Canon 1000d :)

Just bought my DSLR 2 weeks ago. It's a entry level DSLR, inexpensive and suitable for newbie like me.

This is how it looks like in my hand.

Now time to show some newbie's photos, these are the photos I took in Cameron Highland last weekend:

This is the "florescent" cactus.


Depth of focus.

Blurring on roses

Macro... isn't it nice??

More macro

Blurring on the background

By using different shutter speed... can get different feel...


Monday, August 4, 2008

My Favorite Lyrics

"Welcome To Wherever You Are"

Maybe we're different, but we're still the same
We all got the blood of Eden, running through our veins
I know sometimes it's hard for you to see
You come between just who you are and who you wanna be

If you feel alone, and lost and need a friend
Remember every new beginning, is some beginning's end

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you gotta believe
That right here right now, you're exactly where you're supposed to be
Welcome, to wherever you are

When everybody's in, and you're left out
And you feel your drowning, in a shadow of a doubt
Everyone's a miracle in their own way
Just listen to yourself, not what other people say

When it seems you're lost, alone and feeling down
Remember everybody's different
Just take a look around


Be who you want to, be who you are
Everyone's a hero, everyone's a star

When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break
Remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes


This song is from Bon Jovi. First time I hear it, I nearly cry.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Last Lecture

This is the last lecture by Randy Pausch who just pass away on 25 July 2008 . He has pancreatic cancer and has fought the disease and extended his remaining days far more than his doctor predicted.

His last lecture is very inspiring, after watching this, I started to realize there is no such things as fair or not fair in life, things just happen and we just need to do the best in that given situation like those young soldier fighting for the beach from German on D-day. It is pointless to ask fair or not, we just need to fight it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

DIABLO 3 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is more like it but damn, I hate that witch doctor, he look silly.

I just watched the gameplay trailer. A bit disappointed, it is not dark enough, not creepy enough and not bloody enough, I like the dungeon part but the outdoor is just too dreamy, too colorful, too un-diablo. There are already too many games out there that are as colorful and as fun but diablo 3 should not be one of them, diablo is dark, creepy and cool, that's what make it stand out.

Since the original development team for Diablo has already left Blizzard, I have some worry that diablo 3 will lose some of its dark feels and great arts. Hopefully it won't.

Anyway, the game is just at the early of the development stage, I think blizzard will make it cool just like its other games. I like the game pace, still very fast, and the monsters still come in hordes, the skills also looks promising. I'm waiting for a darker and cooler diablo 3 to come out then I will change my whole pc just for it.

"Even death can't save you from me." - Diablo

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the Age of Personalise

If you are bored with your browser homepage like I do, please kindly allow me introduce you some new stuff.

Boring with the plain google as your homepage? This 1990's homepage lah.

Since internet connection speed is no longer an issue for us, we can now have a better homepage.

1. my Yahoo!

Aren't it look cool? If your answer is no, well, you have no taste.

It's not only look cool, it's very useful too.

I can see this week got Naruto updated or not. Hehe, you can add your hentai feed also.

I can see stock, for example Altera, faster up so that I can see my option.

I can get my yahoo mail preview, damn, all that junk!

And my favorite blog, it's all government's fault!

2. iGoogle
igoogle is simpler, wait, you said it is ugly? see the next picture!

Hehe, art collection from famous artist serve as your skin.

iGoogle is much more simpler and less module/gadget/application/whatever-u-call compare to my Yahoo!. I only found 2 module is useful so far, google news and google mail preview, but of course you can add any RSS feed that you like.

Google news. Pity Myanmar.

Gmail preview, hehe, sorry, I censored all email subjects.

I use my Yahoo! as my homepage because it got more things to play with but some people might like igoogle simplicity and the art collection(now you know what google is thinking.). You can maintain the login session for 2 weeks I think, so that you don't have to login every time, but of course, this is not recommended for public pc lah.

Every morning I start my browser, I got all the information, news, etc, etc. I need not search for information, it is display in front of me as the way I want it to be.