Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the Age of Personalise

If you are bored with your browser homepage like I do, please kindly allow me introduce you some new stuff.

Boring with the plain google as your homepage? This 1990's homepage lah.

Since internet connection speed is no longer an issue for us, we can now have a better homepage.

1. my Yahoo!

Aren't it look cool? If your answer is no, well, you have no taste.

It's not only look cool, it's very useful too.

I can see this week got Naruto updated or not. Hehe, you can add your hentai feed also.

I can see stock, for example Altera, faster up so that I can see my option.

I can get my yahoo mail preview, damn, all that junk!

And my favorite blog, it's all government's fault!

2. iGoogle
igoogle is simpler, wait, you said it is ugly? see the next picture!

Hehe, art collection from famous artist serve as your skin.

iGoogle is much more simpler and less module/gadget/application/whatever-u-call compare to my Yahoo!. I only found 2 module is useful so far, google news and google mail preview, but of course you can add any RSS feed that you like.

Google news. Pity Myanmar.

Gmail preview, hehe, sorry, I censored all email subjects.

I use my Yahoo! as my homepage because it got more things to play with but some people might like igoogle simplicity and the art collection(now you know what google is thinking.). You can maintain the login session for 2 weeks I think, so that you don't have to login every time, but of course, this is not recommended for public pc lah.

Every morning I start my browser, I got all the information, news, etc, etc. I need not search for information, it is display in front of me as the way I want it to be.