Sunday, June 29, 2008

DIABLO 3 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is more like it but damn, I hate that witch doctor, he look silly.

I just watched the gameplay trailer. A bit disappointed, it is not dark enough, not creepy enough and not bloody enough, I like the dungeon part but the outdoor is just too dreamy, too colorful, too un-diablo. There are already too many games out there that are as colorful and as fun but diablo 3 should not be one of them, diablo is dark, creepy and cool, that's what make it stand out.

Since the original development team for Diablo has already left Blizzard, I have some worry that diablo 3 will lose some of its dark feels and great arts. Hopefully it won't.

Anyway, the game is just at the early of the development stage, I think blizzard will make it cool just like its other games. I like the game pace, still very fast, and the monsters still come in hordes, the skills also looks promising. I'm waiting for a darker and cooler diablo 3 to come out then I will change my whole pc just for it.

"Even death can't save you from me." - Diablo